David Gruber Real Estate (DGRE) is a Retail Brokerage Firm Specializing in Restaurants, Cafes, Catering Operations and Food Service Companies.

David Gruber, for many years, has brought a truly extensive array of real estate and brokerage expertise to the food service community. Having built and owned Brewbakers Cafe, he understands the real hands on issues of the restaurant business.

  • Liquor license, sidewalk, DOB and other permit regulations
  • Infrastructure Needs
  • Venting, Gas and Power Requirements
  • Prep and Storage Areas
  • Extensive Landlord and lease negotiation experience
  • Build out cost and estimate knowledge
  • Architect, contractor and food service vendor networks and relationships
  • Community liaison and out reach experience

These are all part of the brokerage package handled by DGRE.

Most importantly, David Gruber knows how to get the deal done, whether it’s SLA requirements for liquor licenses, permits for outdoor tables or working together with local residents or the Community Board -- DGRE has the experience.

David is a member of Community Board 2 in Greenwich Village and Soho, and is on the Police Council. He is President of the South Village Landmark Associations and the President of the Carmine Street Block Association as well as the Director of the Meet The Chefs tasting event each September in the Village. His customers count many of the well-known restaurateurs and chefs in the City, as well as many small and medium size cafés.

David Gruber and Restaurants - Salt and Pepper - We Blend Well!!